Perimeter Kit

The main purpose of using the Perimeter Kit is to force the floating pavement to always maintain a separation with the perimeter walls of 4 mm of light, thus avoiding the accumulation of water and humidity in the corners formed in the union of slabs and walls.

At the same time and as a complement, it also corrects possible defects that may occur due to the dilations caused in climate changes.

This piece does not need any extra element to hold it, since it comes prepared with the perfect measurement for leave a space of 4 mm between walls and slabs, this distance can be deliberately increased in which case IF You must set the plot with the chosen distance that we want.

Physical Characteristics:

- Thermal stability: -25ºC + 110ºC.

- Resistant to aging and rot-proof.

- Great dimensional stability due to its high content of mineral fillers.

Chemical characteristics:

- Resistant to commercial detergent solutions and bleaches.

- Resistant to most organic solvents such as alcohols, esters, etc.

- Resistant to aqueous organic solutions, acids and alkalis.

- Resistant to microorganisms because it does not constitute cultivation land.

- Not resistant to oxidizing substances such as nitric or sulfuric acid or halogenated hydrocarbon solvents like gasoline.

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