Liza 2000

Referencias Regulación alturas (mm)
LIZA 16/22 160 a 220
LIZA 22/28 220 a 280
LIZA 28/34 280 a 340
LIZA 34/40 340 a 400
LIZA 40/46 400 a 460
LIZA 46/52 460 a 520
LIZA 52/58 520 a 580
LIZA 58/64 580 a 640

Patented model No. 9902841

The main advantage of a raised technical floor, is that without picking-up the slabs and by operating only in the middle column, height adjustment is achieved. It leaves the slabs 'flush' with each other, without leaving protrusions on the surface of the floating floor.

Physical features of the floating floor support:

- Breaking strength compression: 2.000 Kgs / support.

- Thermal stability: -20 ° to + 110 ° C.

- It is resistant to aging, weathering and imputrible.

- High dimensional stability for its high mineral filler content.

Chemical features:

- Resistant to aqueous solutions of inorganic salts, acids and alkalis.

- Resistant to most organic solvents such as alcohols, esters and ketones.

- Resistant to commercial detergents and bleaches.

- Resistant to microorganisms because it do not constitute breeding ground for these.

- Non-resistant to oxidizing substances as nitric or sulfuric acid and halogenated hydrocarbon solvents such as gasoline.

Price list:

Being manufacturers allows us to offer the product directly, eliminating the intermediary distribution network, resulting in some great prices and making up the excellent value of our product.


- For higher resistances or heights, please request.

- We provide models and systems capable of tripling the standard resistors listed in the catalogs.

- Orders under a pallet suffer a 30% increase.

- Delivery costs and VAT are not included.

- Ecto-parasitic reasons prevent us from admitting returns.

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