Grapa Oculta

Why have we created this new staple?

After several studies about fixing floorboards, and addressing the complaints from users of this market, we designed this new staple that we are presenting which strongly and proofly improves so far the existing anomalies (a - b - c - d).

1. Excessive spacing between floorboards: Our staple leaves a space between slats of only 3 m / m. Which is embellishes with the work done and avoids the possibility of accidents for children who walk barefoot.

2. Impairment of floorboards in the assembly: The design of this staple, has expanded the critical area of friction between screw, screwdriver and wooden, which prevents damage to the floorboard in the assembly phase.

3. Visible screws head: The special configuration of our staple makes the screws almost hidden from view. This will enhance the aesthetics and beauty of the floorboard.

4. Rupture under pressure: To avoid breakage, we selected a thermoplastic (compound) polyolefin with added mineral filler. This combination allows to give the staple enough rigidity to withstand the stresses of the wood, while certain elasticity to avoid breakage.

Hidden staple for natural wood scaffold

Physical features:

- Breaking strength compression: 2.000 Kg.

- Thermal stability: -25 ° to +110 ° C.

- It is resistant to aging, weathering and imputrescible.

- Great dimensional stability for its high content of mineral filler.

Chemical features:

- Resistant to aqueous solutions of inorganic salts, acids and alkalis.

- Resistant to most organic solvents such as alcohols, esters and ketones.

- Resistant to commercial detergents and bleaches.

- Resistant to microorganisms because it do not constitute breeding ground for these.

- Non-resistant to oxidizing substances as nitric or sulfuric acid and halogenated hydrocarbon solvents such as gasoline.

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