Europ 1000

Each “plot” regulates 90 m/m. (from 130). This allows correcting high altitudes with few models, benefiting assembly yields and savings losses.

This floating floor support is based on the same technique of the LIZA 2000 model. Its main advantage is that without picking-up the slabs and only turning the central column, the desired height for the floating floor is achieved.

Its unique design allows enhancing compression efforts to an unsuspected level. Resistors can ensure a reaching of 3,000 to 4,000 kg each support with a centered load. (Only possible with our models and under special order).


- For higher resistances or heights, please request.

- We provide models and systems capable of tripling the standard resistors listed in the catalogs.

- Orders under a pallet suffer a 30% increase.

- Delivery costs and VAT are not included.

- Ecto-parasitic reasons prevent us from admitting returns.

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