Earring corrector

The purpose of this article is to correct the unevenness of the floor so that the final surface is completely horizontal.

The plot must be mounted on the corrector, the grooved fin of the plot coinciding with the tip of checker arrow. Both should point towards the nearest sump if desired correct the maximum unevenness.

The slope correctors have a slope of 5%, and we have plots in the catalog with a 0%, 1% and 2% unevenness. Playing with the placement of these we can regulate the desired slope at intermediate values:
- With 1 corrector we get slopes from 3% to 7%.
- With 2 correctors we get slopes from 8% to 12%.
- With 3 correctors we get slopes from 13% to 17%.

Physical Characteristics:

- Thermal stability: -25ºC + 100ºC.

- Resistant to aging and rot-proof.

- Great dimensional stability due to its high content of mineral filler.

Chemical characteristics:

- Resistant to commercial detergent solutions and bleaches.

- Resistant to most organic solvents such as alcohols, esters, etc.

- Resistant to aqueous organic solutions, acids and alkalis.

- Resistant to microorganisms because it does not constitute cultivation land.

- Not resistant to oxidizing substances such as nitric or sulfuric acid or halogenated hydrocarbon solvents like gasoline.

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