Choco 15

Technical floating floor ref. CHOCO 15 (not adjustable).

This support is made of polyethylene with added mineral filler.

Like the other support, it is used for floating floor assembly. Its placement is under dry and its height is not adjustable (always fixed).

These supports constitute a highly economical complement for its full development by thermoinjection.

Load capacity: 8000 kg

Recyclable material.

Putting together both models heights of 5 by 5 m / m. can be achieved.

Thickness: 15 m / m.

By applying them to each other, heights of 1 `5, 3, 4 '5 m / m. (or more) can be reached.


- For higher resistances or heights, please request.

- We provide models and systems capable of tripling the standard resistors listed in the catalogs.

- Orders under a pallet suffer a 30% increase.

- Delivery costs and VAT are not included.

- Ecto-parasitic reasons prevent us from admitting returns.

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