Choco 10

Technical floating floor ref. CHOCO 10 (not adjustable).

This support is made of polyethylene with added mineral filler.

Like the other support, it is used for floating floor assembly. Its placement is under dry and its height is not adjustable (always fixed 10 mm). In covers up to 1% of inclination it can be positioned with mortar to compensate slopes.

Its four upper tabs facilitate drainage between slabs.

CHOCO10 support constitutes a highly economical complement for its full development by thermoinjection.

Load capacity: 8000 kg

Recyclable material.

Our supports are designed to hold floating floor with adjustable heights from 50 to 300 mm, compensating uneven and slopes with drains. They are placed on any surface, mortar, asphalt compounds, insulating layers of polystyrene, synthetic waterproofing compoundis, wood, etc.

They can be placed completely under dry, allowing the immediate use of the tiles. They can also be used over cements or adhesives, or even can be nailed to the floor with hardened tips. Its wider use is under dry for its simplicity, speed and economy.

The material employed is polyolefin (omo and copolymer) with an important addition of mineral filler that gives the mechanical strength and stability that the product requires. Its development is obtained by a thermal injection process, and for this we have a range of injectors leaders in the global market (Arburg / Germany).

Being manufacturers allows us to offer you the product directly from our machines, eliminating the intermediary distribution and commercial networks, being this operating the explanation for the excellent value of our products.

Chemical features:

- Resistant to aqueous solutions of inorganic salts, acids and alkalis.

- Resistant to most organic solvents such as alcohols, esters and ketones.

- Resistant to commercial detergents and bleaches.

- Resistant to microorganisms because it do not constitute breeding ground for these.

- Non-resistant to oxidizing substances as nitric or sulfuric acid and halogenated hydrocarbon solvents such as gasoline.


- For higher resistances or heights, please request.

- We provide models and systems capable of tripling the standard resistors listed in the catalogs.

- Orders under a pallet suffer a 30% increase.

- Delivery costs and VAT are not included.

- Ecto-parasitic reasons prevent us from admitting returns.

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