We are manufacturers of adjustable supports for floating floors with unlimited heights and resistanc

Lizabar Plastics SL, a Barcelonan enterprise specialist foro ver 25 years in the manufacture of supports and adjustable feet for floating floors. We have recently acquired by a public auction the Rased, SA company assers, becoming the only Spanish manufacturer of adjustable supports, also called “plots”.

A solution for different projects such as roofs, renovations, covered walkways, walkable false floors, accessible terraces or pool decking.


Floating floors and staples advantages

Floating floors

  • Pavement passable for heavy foot traffic, that can be placed over the equipment and the facilities of the building.
  • Obtaining flat paved surfaces on sloping floors, correcting the unevenness with different inclination bases from 0 to 3%. Slopes above 3% should be compensated with mortar.
  • Obtaining high quality and beauty surfaces placing techno-pavement tiles with different surface finishes and colors.
  • Getting great insulation because of the air chamber, with a constant ventilation of the cover.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance placing terrazzo tiles of high quality, easy to clean, that avoids the proliferation of weeds, microorganisms, etc.
  • Perfect drainage of the paved surface through the joints between tiles (4mm of separation provided by existing flaps support bases). This avoids the accumulation of water or dust on the surface.
  • Quick and easy assembly of the plastic bases and tiles, obtaining results about 6 m2/hour.


  • Our staple leaves a space between slats of only 3 m / m.
  • Our staples avoid damaging the flooring in the assembly phase as our design allows to extend the critical area of friction between screw, screwdriver and wooden.
  • Our staple allows you to leave the screws hidden from view, with this enhances the beauty and aesthetics of the floorboard.
  • To avoid breakage, we selected a thermoplastic polyolefin with added mineral filler, which gives stiffness and elasticity to the staple to avoid breakage.


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